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Along the way we get out of shape. Often it creeps up on us unawares but we can manage our our situation to achieve Better Health and Wellness. We all know that the more weight we carry, the more we are at risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease and joint deterioration, just to name a few. This alone should really motivate us to be with our loved ones as long as we can, placing minimal burdens on those we say we love.


To attain the best fitness and to control our weight is through following a good diet (good diet recipe books) and an exercise routine. Some of the best routines out there are aerobic exercises, done in the morning along with the help of a healthy diet of fruit, grains, nuts, vegetables and eggs with the options of non farmed scaled and finned fish, and free range white meats. Exercise routines should elevate your pulse rate to at least double and should be for at least 30 minutes. One of the pitfalls in our regular diet that contributes to weight gain is the over consumption of carbohydrates. Remember for sustained weight loss one needs to adopt a lifestyle change, not some fad diet. Also those who follow a vegan (vegetarian with no dairy or eggs) diet need to monitor their vitamin B12 levels so to maintain their health. Often those on vegan diets need to take vitamin B12 supplements to avoid health issues. 


Yes you also need to work on those areas of self control and discipline. For example some lifestyle strategies one can try in the quest for Weight Control are; reduce the plate size, do not eat between meals, minimise the use of energy dense foods such as those that contain refined sugar, be more active, substitute whole garden foods for processed foods and move away for high G.I. foods to low G.I. foods. We offer a range of fat burning supplements, electronics and books will also help you in your Weight Control goals. All our weight control items are chosen to help support you in your quest for a better looking and better feeling you. Only a selection the very best products have been chosen for you, to make sure you will be satisfied.






In today's world we all need supplements. Select from a variety of hand picked preferred supplements to help you obtain your ideal weight goals.





Pure Forskolin Root Extract is of the highest pharmaceutical grade and is suitable for adults looking to supplement diet and exercise with a natural weight loss supplement to help increase results. This all-natural weight loss supplement has optimal amounts per serving of key ingredients (same dosages that Dr Oz recommends, more than the average 125 mg per serving) for no side effects. These 60 Pure Forskolin Extract capsules have 250mg at 20% standardization which is the best formulation for weight loss.


Rapid dissolving vegetarian capsules help the active ingredients in the Forskolin Extract metabolize in the body so very little product "is wasted" and passed through your system. This is the highest quality, potent and purest grade Forskolin made in the USA, and is made following strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards as defined and overseen by the FDA. All batches are meticulously analyzed to ensure the highest quality of pure Forskolin extract is being maintained.


Forskolin extract of the highest purity, is the perfect combination of nature's most researched and potent fat-busting, metabolism-boosting, and energy enhancing ingredients.


Garcinia Cambogia


Garcinia Cambogia is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit native to Indonesia, and commonly harvested in India, Southeast Asia, and West and Central Africa. The popularity of Garcinia Cambogia has soared in the past several years, quickly becoming the fastest growing weight management supplement on the market.


The active ingredient in our formula is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a fruit rind extract that has been studied for its potential to decrease body fat and curb appetite. NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can be an effective way to support your overall weight management plan. Garcinia Cambogia crops can vary significantly due to location, soil, and care. This Garcinia Cambogia is harvested exclusively from regions chosen for the superior condition and potency of their fruit.


This fruit is then processed in USA in cGMP/NSF certified facilities. NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract is standardized to 60% HCA(with naturally occurring calcium and potassium), the maximum concentration used in comprehensive clinical studies. The 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia is third party tested for purity and potency to ensure you only get the best. NatureWise Garcinia cambogia is non-stimulating, making it a preferred alternative to other weight management products that can carry undesired side effects. This has made NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia a best seller in natural weight management supplements for more than 2 years on Amazon.


This Garcinia Cambogia is non- GMO, vegan and gluten free, that will effectively support weight loss with HCA for rapid fat burning! Not only does Garcinia Cambogia burn fat but it works as an appetite suppressant to increase metabolism and stop overeating, thereby reducing calorie intake and helping to lose belly fat fast! Another bonus is that Garcinia Cambogia cares for your colon with regular bowel movements to detoxify and cleanse. So, enjoy permanent diet success!


People are calling Garcinia Cambogia a miracle formula : if you're serious about making a quick physical change then Garcinia Cambogia is simply the most effective dietary supplement. The reviews are off the charts! This is the amazing weight loss formula that is sweeping the world, supporting men, women and teens to safely speed up the weight loss process. NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract comes in 180 capsules, each containing 500mg of the finest Garcinia Cambogia Extract.


Thyroid Support


Are you feeling; lethargic or fatigued, joint pain, overweight or cold? What about experiencing; puffiness, peeling skin, dry and brittle hair, periods of forgetfulness or mood swings? Or do you just would like to feel stronger and sleep better? Then you may not have a healthy thyroid, as a healthy thyroid supports the production of hormones at the correct levels for a healthy metabolism.


This best selling vegan Thyroid Support Supplement consists of a blend of ingredients that may help you in your weight loss goals in boosting your metabolism. The 1 Body Thyroid Support formulation also supports your immune function, energy levels, concentration, promoting a sense of overall health and wellness with mood enhancement.


1 Body vegan Thyroid Support Formula is made in the USA. Each of the 60 veggie capsules contain a complex blend of Vitamin B12, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Ashwagandha Root, Copper, Coleus Forskohlii, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Cayenne pepper, Manganese and Molybdenum. That is enough to support you for 30 days. Those with common allergies can be assured that these vegan Thyroid Support supplements are manufactured in premises that do not process gluten, wheat or nuts.


This company is so serious about getting your thyroid functioning as it should be that it will email you a free ebook 'Thyroid Support Diet & Weight Loss' after product shipment.


Weight Loss Tea


This weight loss tea and detox tea has been recommended by Doctors for over 10 years. With 1200+ US Doctors recommending it for weight loss, as a digestive aid and or colon cleansing support. This weight loss tea has the ability to; relieve constipation, reduce bloating, improves immunity while detoxifying & soothing the digestive tract. This detox tea does get the 'Junk out of the trunk', while tasting great and is gentle on your system.


Total Tea Weight Loss Tea blend has an anti-inflammatory effect by combining 10 powerful natural herbal ingredients. These ingredients consist of Cinnamon, Senna, Gynostemma, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Natural Flavors, Papaya, Echinacia, Ginger, Peppermint, Rosehips which provide you an effective delicious tasting tea. Being 100% natural means that there are nothing artifical; flavors, colors or preservatives. It is also Gluten and Kosher certified.


To see any benefits, you need to drink 1 cup daily or 1/2 cup if sensitive, for 1-week minimum, then as needed. The 25 tea bags are wrapped in foil to maintain freshness to the last bag.


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Get written help with great advice and wonderfully delicious recipes that will make it a pleasure through our books for better health and wellness.



The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook


Vegetables and grains play an important role in human nutrition. Eating a variety of plant foods such as these would highly contribute for human health benefits, and people know it well. People are drawn to vegetarianism by all sorts of motives. Some want to live longer, healthier lives or do their part to reduce pollution. A well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide many health benefits, such as a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including: obesity, coronary artery disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and some types of cancer. Vegetarians and vegans also have lower rates of illness and death from a number of degenerative diseases. Their is now an abundance of scientific research that demonstrates that their are substantial health and environmental benefits in a plant-based diet. Importantly, we should consume most of our calories from grain products and vegetables.


Vegetarian diets are more healthful than the average diet, particularly in preventing, treating or reversing heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer. Keep in mind that the more restrictive your diet is, such as vegetarian or vegan, the more challenging it can be to get all the nutrients you need. Unfortunately, this belief can be intimidating with recipes that are often too complicated for everyday meals or lacking in fresh appeal or flavor. Now, the test kitchen has devoted its considerable resources to creating a vegetarian cookbook for the way we want to eat today. The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is a wide-ranging collection of boldly flavorful vegetarian recipes covering hearty vegetable mains, rice and grains, beans and soy as well as soups, appetizers, snacks, and salads.


More than 300 recipes are fast (start to finish in 45 minutes or less), 500 are gluten-free, and 250 are vegan and are all highlighted with icons on the pages. The book contains stunning color photography throughout that shows the appeal of these veggie-packed dishes. In addition, almost 500 color photos illustrate vegetable preparation and tricky techniques as well as key steps within recipes.


This book has been tested, written, and edited by the test cooks, editors, food scientists, tasters, and cookware specialists at America’s Test Kitchen, a 2,500-square-foot kitchen located just outside Boston. It is the home of Cook’s Illustrated magazine and Cook’s Country magazine, the public television cooking shows America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen, America’s Test Kitchen Radio, and the online America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School.


The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook paperback is the best-selling vegetarian cookbook destined to become a classic. Published March 1, 2015, 472p.


Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes


For anyone new to a vegetarian diet--flexitarians who adopt plans like Meatless Mondays--as well as committed vegetarians and fans of Power Foods, here is a comprehensive collection of easy, meat-free mains for everyday. As inspiring as it is practical, Meatless features 200 recipes and each is accompanied by a photograph that is fully-fledged for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. You will also find recipes for classics and new favorites, plus plenty of low-fat, vegan, and gluten-free options.


This is more than just a cookbook, Meatless is also a road map to embracing a vegetable-based lifestyle. In this book you will find dozens of versatile recipes that can be easily adapted, such as pizza with a variety of toppings, salads made from different whole grains, and pestos with unexpected flavors and ingredients. You will also find advice on stocking your pantry with vegetarian essentials (dried beans, pasta, herbs and spices), a collection of basic recipes and techniques (vegetable stock, tomato sauce, polenta), and make-ahead flavor-boosters (caramelized onions, roasted peppers, and quick pickles).


Comprehensive , Meatless makes it easy to prepare flavor-packed dinners for any day, any occasion. And no one will miss the meat. Selections include:


Small plates to mix and match: Smashed chickpea, basil, and radish dip with pita chips; roasted baby potatoes with romesco sauce; stuffed marinated hot red chili peppers; grilled polenta with balsamic mushrooms


Stovetop suppers: Frittata with asparagus, goat cheese, and herbs; spring vegetable ragout; farro risotto with wild mushrooms; southwestern hash


Soups, stews, and chili: Tomato soup with poached eggs; bean chili; white cheddar corn chowder; chickpea curry with roasted cauliflower and tomatoes


Casseroles and other baked dishes: Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells; Italian baked eggplant with seitan; black-bean tortilla casserole; apple, leek, and squash gratin


Substantial salads: Raw kale salad with pomegranate and toasted walnuts; avocado, beet, and orange salad; arugula, potato, and green bean salad with creamy walnut dressing; roasted-tomato tabbouleh


Sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas: Quinoa veggie burgers; grilled asparagus and ricotta pizza; chipotle avocado sandwich; portobello and zucchini tacos


Pasta and other noodles: Fettuccine with parsley-walnut pesto; roasted cauliflower with pasta and lemon zest; soba and tofu in ginger broth; no-bake lasagna with ricotta and tomatoes


Simple side dishes: Mexican creamed corn; cabbage and green apple slaw; shredded brussels sprouts with pecans and mustard seeds; baked polenta “fries”


MARTHA STEWART is the author of more than 75 books on cooking, entertaining, crafts, home-keeping, gardens, weddings, and decorating. She is the host of Cooking School on PBS. For more than twenty years, the food editors and chefs in the kitchens at Martha Stewart Living have produced dozens of best-selling cookbooks, including: Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Martha's American Food, Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, Everyday Food: Great Food Fast, and Power Foods.


Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes. Paperback, published January 8, 2013, 384p.


Living Vegetarian For Dummies


Are you considering a vegetarian diet for yourself or your family? And are you wondering if it's safe and how you'll get the right amount of nutrients? This authoritative guide has all the answers you need about living vegetarian. It features healthful advice as well as providing delicious dishes involving vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy.


Inside Living Vegetarian For Dummies you'll find expert advice on adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, from creating a vegetarian shopping list and understanding the nutritional aspects of vegetarian eating, to using the right cooking supplies to vegetarian etiquette, eating out, and converting a kitchen-and your family's mindset-away from meat. You'll also discover how to make it work when you're the only member of the house who is vegetarian, as well as how to support a family member, including a child.


Living Vegetarian For Dummies provides the latest information on vegetarian diets as they relate to health, the environment, and other areas of our lives. It includes tips for gradually reducing your meat intake, while explaining the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Also there are dozens of new recipes designed to ease the transition from an omnivore to vegetarian diet.


Whether you're a long-time vegetarian or just starting out, Living Vegetarian For Dummies, 2nd Edition is your guide to evaluate and enjoy a meat-free lifestyle.


Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH, MS, RD, a vegetarian for more than 30 years, is a registered and licensed dietitian, an editorial board member for Vegetarian Times magazine, and a nationally recognized author on issues relating to food, nutrition, and health policy. She is also a clinical associate professor at the University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health.


Living Vegetarian For Dummies: Practical ways to explore and adapt a vegetarian lifestyle. 2nd Ed. Paperback, published December 2, 2009, 384p


Vegan Diet For Beginners


If you are looking to become a vegan, this is the perfect book for you. I will guide you step by step through the process of changing your lifestyle for the better. The vegan diet comes with huge health benefits. As you read through the book you’ll find out just how substantial they are. Ranging from reducing your risk of developing all cancer types to preventing the onset of heart disease. You will feel more energetic, motivated and vitalized. You will lose visible amounts of fat in just weeks!


The vegan diet is just so full of nutritious foods it’s impossible not to feel amazing whilst on it. loaded with vitamins, nutrients and all the other wonderful micro-nutrients, vegan foods are health powerhouses. If you are a vegetarian looking to take it a step further or someone coming from a diet full of animal products, you will be taken on this journey to the new and improved healthier you!


Some of the critical points this book covers are: the countless health benefits, backed up by many scientific studies of leading a vegan diet, what exactly the vegan diet entails, 15 handy tips for successfully starting a vegan diet, a shopping guide to help make the transition, 10 super food groups to make sure are in your diet, how to deal with the cravings you are sure to experience, 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks,and toppings.


A review from Sarah Bray in VM Magazine said "I often dread the moment I get sent a diet/cookbook to review. They are often bland, unadventurous and uninspired. Vegan Diet For Beginners by Jessica Brooks has definitely won me over though. The recipes are very interesting with some really unusual but sensible twists and the pre-recipe matter is engaging and enlightening."


Jessica Brooks is relatively new to the world of authorship but a veteran of the health and diet industry. She hopes that her books have helped answer your questions and injected some inspiration into your life. She has been brought up a vegetarian since infancy, taking the next step to veganism nearly 20 years ago and is passionate about helping people improve their health.


Vegan Diet For Beginners: 50 Delicious Recipes And Eight Weeks Of Diet Plans (Vegan and Vegetarian) (Volume 1) Paperback, published March 23, 2015, 238p






Weight control can be aided with the wise use of electronics. Our range is sensible being practical and leading edge.



Fitbit Charge 2


Energize your day with one of the Fitbit fittness wristbands, with the high-performance Fitbit Charge 2 it has automatic, continuous heart rate and activity tracking, which is conveniently located on your wrist. Your heart rate can be monitored all day and during workouts to manage a more accurate calorie burn, reach your target workout intensity and tailor training time.


Yes, fitness training needs to be kept simple. Heart rate should be monitored during your training to pace yourself for endurance or help you monitor your level of fitness through tracking your recovery rate. There are many fitness tracking wristbands but the Fitbit wristbands brand has become the leader in this area. The Fitbit Charge 2 fitness watch monitors tracks steps taken, active minutes, distance travelled, floors climbed, and calories consumed and burned. This feedback can tell you if you need to push yourself a little harder or whether you are over doing your exercise activity. Observing your daily stats, time of day, day of the week, and exercise mode is easy on the bright easy to read OLED display. The Fitbit Charge 2 fitness watch battery lasts 7-10 days without a recharge and is splash and rain-proof to help you achieve your fitness goals, even in inclement weather.


Also keep in touch by seeing who's calling you on your smartphone with the synced caller ID feature. With the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Wristband, your smartphone and computer can be wirelessly synced up to 20 ft. Now you can monitor your stats and trends on easy to read charts and graphs and get the motivation you need to push yourself further in every step (it offers you much more feedback than pedometers can), every beat, every day.


Another feature well worth mentioning is the the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Wristband helps you get the most out of your REM cycle with its inbuilt sleep monitor to see just how long and how well you are sleeping throughout the night. With this feedback from the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Wristband you can identify better lifestyle practices, implementing them before you go to sleep, to help you have a better nights sleep. When its time to wake, the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Wristband prompts you out of your sleep by its silent alarm feature.


Combine all this with the simplified heart rate zone feature that eliminates the need for a chest strap, makes it clear why the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Wristband is such a popular product.


Ultra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale


People telling you that you are losing weight or putting it on? Well the EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale is the ideal way to track your weight loss or gain quickly and easily. Other bathroom scales need to be tapped first to turn them on before you stand on them but with the EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale you to simply step onto the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout to the nearest .2 lbs shown on the large 4.3" Blue LCD back-lit display. The display is great for viewing even in the most dimly lit areas of the bathroom or home.
Additionally the slim, ergonomic design features an oversized non-slip platform safely allows weights to 440 pounds or 200kgs (one of the highest capacities on the market). At over 15 inches wide this scale will fit even the biggest people comfortably. This digital bathroom scale operates on two cheap and easily available AAA batteries and has the handy auto-off feature.


Stop second guessing your weight and get serious about your weight loss/gain and fitness goals. Currently this item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.


Digital Body Fat Scale

The EatSmart Precision GetFit is not your ordinary bathroom scale as it can quickly and easily measure weight, bone mass, percentage; body fat, body water and body muscle. This scale is perfect for individuals who are serious about taking control of their health.


BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology allows you to easily calculate your body fitness by imputing information of gender, height, age, activity level and your weight. In bare feet, this technology sends a low-level electrical signal though your body fat and then measures the resistance the signal encounters. This signal is perfectly safe and will not be felt.


The Precision GetFit Scale stores up to 8 different users' personal profiles and will be able to recognize that particular person as soon as they step onto the scale. The auto recognition software makes it simple to operate, since all you have to do is stand on the platform barefoot and it identifies who you are based on past weight. Not having to select a user gives it the same functionality as a basic bathroom scale with added benefit of % body fat, % body muscle, % body water and bone mass.


Let's not forget about its universal EatSmart features! The Precision GetFit uses "Step-On" technology which means no more tapping to turn on your scale. It measures up to 400lbs and will display an accurate readout to the nearest .2 lbs on the easy to read large 3.5" back lit LCD display. The touch screen interface makes it one of the most user friendly bathroom scales on the market today.


Along with your Precision GetFit, an easy to follow Instruction Manual (which also defines body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass) and 4 AAA batteries are included.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (Green)

Polar FT4 is designed for fitness and cross-training enthusiasts who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their training simple. The Polar FT4 shows when you’re improving your fitness level based on heart rate, and it also lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned. Training smarter is now much more easier.


Some nice features of the Polar FT4 heart rate monitoring wristbands are a user replaceable battery (After 12 months), GymLink connectivity, can be used in water up to 30m, included chest strap for accurate heart rate, average and maximum heart rate for your workout, and a manual or age-based heart rate target zone with an indicator during training.


This item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.

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