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And you have wondered how shall I deal with it, find the right consumable product or the right monitor to monitor yourself, so adverse health events do not happen to you or at least be minimised? Well there are many ways to monitor yourself , at home, while sleeping and out and about. You can use your own personal monitor, especially if you feel uncomfortable going out knowing that you are at risk of a cardio vascular event such as a heart attack or stroke.


For pain relief and/or healing, many practitioners, trainers and lifestyle professionals recommend certain creams and supplements. The product recommended depends on the type of pain or aliment, where it is located and age. At one time or another we have had some skin related aliment. Also everyone has experienced pain, but what can we do about them? We really need products that help promote independence, give us self confidence and personal comfort every day. Whether monitoring our health or health conditions that are of concern, or for improving our physical fitness or we may just want to improve on our current state of wellness, so that our quality of life is maintained, we need solutions.


We specialise in products that will help you with heart and blood pressure, skin care and pain management, products that are often recommended by doctors. Below you will find monitors, creams and natural supplements for joints specific to these areas, addressing a wide range of common health concerns for both adults and children. Let us help you in these areas in your pursuit of better health and wellness.




Heart & Blood Pressure



We offer a great range of popular pharmacy supplements and accessories for your personal heart and blood pressure support at very competitive prices. This is the hallmark of better health and wellness.



Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


The Polar FT4 heart rate monitoring watch is designed for fitness and cross-training enthusiasts who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their training simple, providing continuous, accurate heart rate monitoring. Monitor your heart rate during your training to pace yourself for endurance or help you monitor your level of fitness through tracking your recovery rate.


The handy Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch gives you easily accessible feedback to tell you if you can push yourself a little harder or whether you are over doing your exercise activity. A smart feature of the heart rate watch is that uses your personal data to provide you with calories burned. Training smarter is now much more easier.


Some nice features of the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor are a user replaceable battery (after 12 months), GymLink connectivity, can be used in water up to 30m, included chest strap for accurate heart rate, average and maximum heart rate for your workout, and a manual or age-based heart rate target zone with an indicator during training. This item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.


Polar Soft Strap Set


The Polar Soft strap is the most comfortable chest strap for heart rate measurement. The smart fusion of soft fabrics and adaptive sensor material make it extremely sensitive to your heart’s electrical signals, so it can pick up your heart rate quicker and being more accurate. Compatible with all Polar heart rate sensors, utilizing the same snap attachment method. Size M-XXL fits a 26-36 inch chest.


Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Monitor your heart without putting your life on hold. The Omron 7 Series Ultra Silent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor(BP652N) gives you the accuracy you need with the portability you want. Omron has been building and improving blood pressure monitors for more than 40 years. This is the leading brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists and also the top seller of Blood Pressure Monitors.


With more than 100 million units sold worldwide, Omron has been empowering people all over the world to manage their health at home and in the health care facility. Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors are tested and validated for accuracy just the same as all Omron blood pressure monitors. Clinical validation offers peace of mind for you and your physician who can rest assured Omron blood pressure monitors meet the highest standards of precision and reliability set by three major standards developing organizations.


In order for the wrist monitor to measure accurately, the device needs to be level with your heart. Blue and orange indicator lights help you guide your wrist to heart level, making it easier to find the correct position. When the blue light appears, your wrist is at heart level and the monitor automatically activates inflation of the wrist band. With Ultra Silent and quick inflation, measurements can be taken quietly anywhere, anytime and even more discretely.


An Irregular Heartbeat Detector alerts you of irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being taken; also features, Blood Pressure Level Indicator Bar and Advanced Averaging technology displays the average of the last three readings in 10 minutes. A 100 reading Memory Storage with date and time stamp allows you to review readings with the touch of a button and a Blood pressure level bar shows how your reading compares to the internationally recognized guidelines for normal blood pressure levels.


This Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor fits wrists sized 5 1/4" to 8 1/2" in circumference, is slim in design and quiet. Clinically proven technology for measuring systolic, diastolic blood pressures and heart rate which is discrete and conveniently portable, allows you to monitor blood pressure anywhere, anytime.


Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


The FDA certificated Tektrum upper arm blood pressure monitor is an advanced portable model offering you large LCD displayed readings anywhere you go. The design of this blood pressure monitor is based on clinically proven technology. With an large internal memory, the blood pressure monitor stores up to 120 (30 readings x 4 users) blood pressure readings, and automatically classifies each blood pressure reading according to WHO (World Health Organization) hypertension guidelines. It calculates average blood pressure readings based on the 3 most recent readings, displays heart rate, and detects irregular heart (Arrhythmia).


It is important when taking your own blood pressure you consider certain factors that can affect you getting an accurate measurement from your upper arm blood pressure monitor. They include; recently eating, bathing, exercising, drinking alcohol or smoking; using stimulants such as caffeine and certain medicines, taking repeated readings rapidly, heightened anxiety and not sitting quietly with both feet flat on the floor. Also make sure that you place the blood pressure arm cuff on your left upper arm (the cuff should be 0.4 to 0.8" away from your elbow joint). Taking your blood pressure at the same time every day in a relaxed setting will provide a better picture of your blood pressure over time.


Simply press the start button on the Tektrum slim designed upper arm blood pressure monitor and the monitor will do the rest of measurement. Using your blood pressure monitor's average function is recommended, since individual results may vary based on other factors at time of measurement.


This upper arm blood pressure monitor automatically powers off if you forget to turn it off saving you premature battery replacement. It fits standard and large adult arm circumferences from 9 to 17 inches and comes with its own travel bag and users manual for peace of mind.


Tektrum upper arm blood pressure monitor uses clinically proven technology for measuring systolic, diastolic blood pressures and heart rate; convenient portable upper arm blood pressure monitor allows you to monitor blood pressure anywhere.



Skin Care Ointment



Skin care is important for our better health and wellness, mentally and socially. So to maintain those good looks and to heal quickly, our pharmacy skin care ointment range has you covered.



Calmoseptine Ointment


Calmoseptine Ointment comes in a 4oz tube (3 pack), helping to protect and heal skin irritations from incontinence, minor burns, scrapes, diaper rash or wound drainage; temporarily relieves discomfort and itching; and provides a multi-purpose moisture barrier. Contains calamine, zinc oxide, menthol and lanolin.


Cleanse skin gently, pat dry or allow to air dry. Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine Ointment to reddened or irritated skin 2-4 times daily, or after each incontinent episode or diaper change to promote comfort and long lasting protection.


A+D Original Ointment


Diaper rash, well if babies could talk, they'd have plenty to say about this most irritating of ailments. But A+D Skin Protectant Ointment will leave them speechless. It protects skin from chafing and minor irritation, and seals out wetness, the enemy chief enemy of baby bottoms. An application of A+D after a diaper change will soothe babies' skin and tempers. This ointment can also be used on chafed, chapped, or cracked skin and lips.


A+D Original Ointment, Diaper Rash and All-Purpose Skincare Formula comes in a 2 pack of 1 lb (454 g) each.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment


If you experience; dry hands & cuticles, chapped lips, irritated skin, minor cuts & scrapes, cracked heels & feet, minor burns, diaper rash or drool rash, then Aquaphor Healing Ointment might be just what you are looking for. Aquaphor is uniquely formulated to restore smooth, healthy skin. Unlike petroleum jelly, it creates a semi-occlusive barrier on skin, which creates an ideal healing environment that enables the flow of water and oxygen. It also absorbs the recovering skin’s own natural wound exudates, keeping the wound moist to help promote healing.


Trusted by dermatologists, paediatricians and people like you. Aquaphor Healing Ointment provides the special care that your very dry, chapped or irritated skin needs. Specially formulated to create an ideal environment that protects and helps heal your skin, it’s also free of fragrance, dyes and preservatives that could cause irritation or contact dermatitis, making it gentle and safe for sensitive skin.


Clinically proven non-comedogenic, Aquaphor Healing Ointment is popular with doctors and dermatologists not only because of its effectiveness in protecting, conditioning, and smoothing skin, but also because of its minimal number of ingredients and low potential to irritate. Use this multi-purpose ointment to protect or soothe extremely dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, minor cuts and burns, and any other skin irritations, so you can get on with your day comfortably.


Your 14 oz Aquaphor Healing Ointment is the #1 Dermatologist recommended ointment for dry, cracked skin according to ProVoice Survey, 2015. It should be noted that it is not to be used on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites, serious burns.


Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment


You may be saying "I've tried everything else on the market and nothing has worked! Well you now have chance to "LEAVE THE PAIN BEHIND". Stop the pain, bleeding, burning, itching and swelling of hemorrhoids & fissures FAST with Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment


Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment can resolve symptoms as well as prescription products, at an over the counter price. Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment promotes healing of anal fissures and inflamed hemorrhoid tissues which contribute to bleeding and discomfort. Dr. Butlers is is colorless and odorless, being produced in the USA at an FDA certified manufacturing facility.


Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment contains organic herbs, minerals and amino acids and is for external and/or intrarectal use. Please ask a doctor before use if you have: Allergies to any of the components of this product, difficulty in urination due to Enlargement of the Prostate, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disease, presently taking a prescription for High Blood Pressure, or Depression.


Apply Doctor Butler's to soothe, protect, reduce swollen tissue and help relieve the anorectal symptoms associated with hemorrhoids (pain, soreness, burning, itching). It temporarily reduces the swelling associated with irritated hemorrhoidal tissue and other anorectal disorders. Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoid and Fissure Ointment will impress, being simple to use , fast acting, not messy, clear, odorless and gives effective relief that lasts throughout the day.



Pain Management



Our pharmacy has selected a great range of popular pain management accessories and supplements for your better health and wellness.



Penetrex Cream


Penetrex pain relief cream is chosen by those dealing with inflammation related ailments & injuries because it works! If you're suffering from Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Shin Splints, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Chronic Pain, etc. you MUST try this product.


Millions of suffering people in over 100 countries have discovered this breakthrough formulation. Penetrex is recommended for use on its own for immediate, long lasting relief or as a complementary application along with braces, splints, gloves, ultrasound treatment, physical therapy, massage, etc. With its grease-less, stainless and vanishing scent, reformulated Penetrex provides boosted potency.


After a workout, positive results are achieved in relieving soreness and discomfort. Yoga practitioners, CrossFit & Personal Trainers and many other active lifestyle professionals have found Penetrex extremely effective and restorative. By focusing on the root causes of an inflammation related ailment as opposed to just masking the symptoms, the recovery process is accelerated and, in hundreds of thousands of cases, patient discomfort has been successfully & dramatically alleviated.


2 oz Penetrex pain relief cream is distributed exclusively through Biomax Health and is manufactured in the U.S.A. in an F.D.A. Certified Laboratory. Penetrex is Paraben free and utilizes Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Arnica, MSM, Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine, Boswellia Serrata as well as other elements for a complete solution. The resulting relief is Quick, Strong & Long Lasting. No wonder this cream has been ranked #1 in Medications & Treatments for 5 years running.


Bottom Line...with Hundreds Of Thousands of jars shipped to clients around the world, Penetrex has established a proven track record of delivering REAL results for people suffering through REAL pain.


Turmeric Curcumin


The Turmeric plant does not produce seed and is actually sterile. It propagates through its roots. It is part of the Ginger family of plants. Turmeric thrives in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It originated in South-east Asia and on the Indian subcontinent. It historically was used as a replacement for the strong yellow color of Saffron, which was more expensive in earlier times.


Used as a clothing dye but more commonly used as a spice in Indian cuisine, turmeric has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years as a natural remedy for pain relief in many health issues. Today we now know that Turmeric Curcumin reduces inflammation and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Many studies suggest that taking Turmeric Curcumin daily may ease symptoms of joint issues, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric Curcumin can play a crucial role in maintaining health and longevity.


Low-grade inflammation is becoming recognized as a root cause of the development of cognitive decline, as well as a wide range of other serious health problems. Cutting-edge research is demonstrating that curcumin is one of the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatories ever studied. In addition to easing inflammation, it has also been shown in various studies to reduce joint and muscle pain, protect the brain from cognitive decline, support cardiovascular function, bolster immunity and more. If you have a health problem that no doctor can resolve, Xen Nutrition's Turmeric Curcumin may be just the natural solution you've been looking for.


Xen Nutrition's Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine formulation is made with a potent 650mg dose of turmeric extract, and standardized to contain 95% curcuminoids; the highest level achievable possible and lasts for two months. These Turmeric Curcumin capsules from Xen Nutrition are manufactured in a USA FDA-inspected facility to meet or surpass USP standards for safety, purity and potency with no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients.


The best thing about Xen Nutrition's Turmeric Curcumin provides: protection for your brain and cognitive function, support for liver health and detoxification, smoother, more youthful-looking skin, heightened mental clarity and memory retention, a healthier heart with more balanced cholesterol, fewer aches and pains, less stiffness, antioxidant protection against free radicals and an increased sense of vitality.


Joint Support Supplement


You may understand how frustrating and painful joint-related issues can be, as well as how it can affect the quality of life for all men and women that go through it. Zenwise Labs Advanced Joint Support supplement is formulated with all-natural ingredients to improve and maintain overall joint health. Not only can this premium supplement help reduce pain and discomfort in aching joints, but it can also boost range of motion and flexibility as it lubricates the joints.


Men and women that struggle with joint issues may experience the following setbacks as time progresses: Loss of Flexibility, Reduced Mobility, Aches & Pains, Soreness and Inflammation. Extra Strength Joint Relief can be found in Zenwise Labs Advanced Joint Support, a powerful joint supplement that specializes in the reduction of aches, pains, soreness and inflammation associated with joint related issues. It also protects from gradual cartilage & tissue breakdown.


Zenwise Labs Advanced Joint Support contains a powerful blend of Glucosamine, Chrondroitin and MSM that has been shown to reduce aches, pains, soreness and inflammation in the joints. Its specialized formula also helps to restore strength, lubrication and collagen in the joints which can assist in improving mobility, flexibility and the overall well-being of men and women.


As men and women grow older, Glucosamine levels can decline over time. This powerful formula contains Glucosamine to compensate for this deficiency to keep cartilage healthy and strong. Chondroitin Sulfate is a wondrous ingredient has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce joint-related aches, pains and discomfort, as well as support collagen health. To ensure that joint tissue will be strengthened, we include MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) in this blend.


With healthier joint tissue, men and women can experience an improvement in range of motion. When friction caused by movement is causing you to experience pain and discomfort, the Hyaluronic Acid in this formula can help cushion and lubricate your joints to help you achieve the healthier and a more mobile lifestyle you once had.


Zenwise Labs Advanced Joint Support supplement is manufactured in USA in FDA registered facilities that are NSF and GMP certified. The 180 tablets contain no wheat, egg, milk, or peanut, and completely gluten-free. A joint supplement you can trust.


Baby Teething Tablets


Some babies are not bothered by teething but others have soreness and swelling in the gums before a tooth comes through, which can be annoying and painful. Imagine having a persistent severe muscle ache and you can sympathize with what your teething baby is feeling. Teething symptoms usually begin about 3 to 5 days before the tooth shows, and normally disappear when the tooth breaks through the gum.


Many babies are so irritated and preoccupied with teething that they refuse to eat or drink. Drooling is also a common sign of teething. Teething time can be painful for your baby and stressful for the entire family. But there is a way to soothe, calm and relieve the pain. These Baby Teething oral drops are made with natural active ingredients and have been providing proven and effective relief from teething pain for the littlest bodies, gently soothing and relieving the symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability.


These oral drops make nights bearable, days livable, and truly make the teething years way more enjoyable. Easy to use, no mess, no fuss They temporarily relieve the symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to cutting teeth, while helping to reduce redness and teething discomfort.


Boiron Camilia Teething Oral Drops do not replace your baby’s need for teething toys. By helping to reduce teething discomfort our teething tablets help your baby enjoy the benefits of a teething ring, teething necklace or another teething toy. When teething toys just aren't providing the necessary relief to your teething baby, you can feel good about turning to Boiron Camilia Teething Oral Drops. Boiron Camilia know how much you care about your baby and they go the extra mile to ensure high quality ingredients are always used so they are safe and effective. Maybe that's what makes Boiron Camilia Teething Oral Drops a great infant oral pain reliever in America.


Boiron Camilia Teething Oral Drops include 4 safe and tested active ingredients including Calcarea Phosphorica, a natural mineral that helps support teething, Chamomilla or Chamomile to help relieve irritability, Coffea Cruda to help relieve sleeplessness, and highly diluted Belladonna which relieves gum inflammation caused by teething.


With Boiron Camilia Teething Oral Drops, there is no dissolving time needed like tablets. Please note that if your baby has been crying or upset, your baby may fall asleep after using this product because the pain has been relieved and your child can rest. Each bottle delivers 67 doses.







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