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At some time in our life we all have become physically disabled. For some it is short term, while others experience it long term. Whether we are young or old, we will all require tools to support us in whatever physical disability we have. We maybe born with a disability, been debilitated through a sports injury, have had a physical traumatic experience or suffering from the effects of aging. Whatever the case, mobility tools make it easier to cope for the recipient and/or carer and giving a degree of independence.

Meeting our health goals depends on our what support we can find. Below you will find a wide range of popular equipment and tools that are suitable for disabled adults and children. Be it needed accessories or personal support equipment, for the home, sport or just getting about outside the home. An example of some of our products include strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, …. and some of those devices can also be used to help to keep muscle tone or strengthen muscle.

In the information we provide, you will find everything you need for your many concerns related to increasing and maintaining mobility and overcoming or dealing with short term or long term disabilities. A brief sample and summary of what types of products you will find in this website are found below, that we hope will improve your own or your loved ones quality of living.


Electrical Mobility Equipment


Our sample range includes scooters, chairs and lifters.


 4 Wheel Transportable Scooter


The Spitfire Scout transportable scooter combines easy and convenient mobility with superior value. The Spitfire Scout is compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble-perfect for taking wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home. It can be disassembled quickly and easily into five easy-to-handle pieces for loading into a car, truck, or van and taking shopping or on vacation. The four-wheel version of the Spitfire Scout transportable scooter allows for enhanced stability on rougher outdoor terrain on 8 inch non-marking tires.


The Scout also offers great features like a quick connect battery pack and a delta-style tiller that is easy to adjust makes operating the scooter easier for those with limited strength or dexterity. This model comes with interchangeable color-through panels to hide scuffs and scratches and black wheel rims. The swivel seat is height adjustable and the backrest will fold down. Also the armrests are padded and adjustable but the large plastic carry basket is not, although it is useful for storing personal items. Maximum range is 9 miles and the Spitfire Scout transportable scooters weight capacity is 300 pounds.


Powered Wheelchair


This is for those who are not likely to get out of the seated position but still want to be mobile.  The battery powered wheelchair is driven through a remote joystick by the occupant and comes with its own dedicated battery charger.  These are ideal for those who have use of only one hand.


Auto Bath Lift


You know how soothing and therapeutic a warm bath can feel, but if you have trouble entering and exiting the tub, you might be missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures. For those who desire independence while bathing the white Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift is the perfect remedy for those who long for worry-free mobility, giving a sense of dignity and independence while bathing. You'll also appreciate the added therapeutic benefits that will allow you to once again relax, treating yourself while you soak away the stress of the day or enjoying the health benefits of a hot bath. All thanks to the Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift.


Imagine the feelings and comfort you will experience when: Sore muscles become relaxed; Stress disappears; Circulation improves; Energy levels improve and Quality of sleep improves. The Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift designed specifically with your needs in mind, providing you with maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use. So, if you find yourself wanting or needing to experience a safe and secure bathing experience that furnishes you with care-free mobility, maximum comfort and relaxation, while reclaiming your independence, along with the dignity you deserve, then the Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift can help.


The lifter height ranges from 2.3 inches lowered, and rises to 18.8 inches to suit even deep tubs. A reclining padded backrest can be lowered to 50 degrees. The padded seat has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and the lifter is stabilised by four quick-release anti-slip suction cups. The hand controller to raise an lower the Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lifter seat is watertight and will float in water, while being powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Due to federal and international regulations, this product can only be shipped within the continental United States.


Lift Chair


Ever found yourself stuck in a chair and unable to lift yourself out of it?  This electric lift chair is the answer to this problem.  It rises and tilts the chair forward via a remote control to you to rise and stand more easily.



Manual Mobility Equipment



 Our sample range of manual equipment aids you in getting from place to place. Our range includes walkers, Bed assist handle and toilet seat riser.



4 Wheel Fold Up Rollator Walker


If you need stability to walk around town or the home to reduce the likelihood of a fall, then you have four options. You can use crutches, a walking stick, a standard walker or a wheeled walker. The wheeled walker is the only option when you may require somewhere to comfortably sit on your journey or at the destination. In addition, a convenient under seat storage basket provides security for your valuables. Wheels make a Rollator a superior option over a standard walker, eliminating the need to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait.


This 4 Wheel Rollator Walker has large 7.5" caster wheels that are non-marring so they do not leave black scuff marks on your floor, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. When braking is required there are two easy to use deluxe loop-locks on the handles that can be pulled toward you for momentary braking. While if you want to sit on the comfortable seat of the 4 Wheel Rollator Walker, you can push the hand brakes down to lock the wheels so the 4 Wheel Rollator Walker will not slip when seated.


Handle height and angle is adjustable from 31 to 37” with an easy twist of the lever and can be locked into place so you have the proper posture when walking. The durable and comfortable padded seat and backrest can be folded up or down for a more compact rollator when stored or transported in a vehicle. The 4 Wheel Rollator Walker seat is 15” wide and comfortably seat a 300 lb person. It is well suited for those rehabilitating an injury, dealing with severe arthritis (where arthritis support supplements are often helpful) or those who have conditions that compromise their balance. A sturdy light weight steel framed 4 Wheel Rollator Walker can enhance your or your loved ones mobility and therefore, quality of life.



Steerable Knee Walker


Finding it tough to get around town, the shopping mall or park using crutches for a lower leg problem? A Steerable Knee Walker provides quicker mobility and enhanced safety and stability over crutches allowing you to better manage day to day activities. It is used for enhanced maneuverability and ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot.


Unlike other Steerable Knee Walkers that offer only fixed forward-facing front wheels, this Steerable Knee Walker features a fully maneuverable pair of front wheels for superior ease of use. Though like a scooter, this Steerable Knee Walker can be steered with a tool free height adjustable steering column that is collapsible for compact storage or transport. The handle height ranges from 33 to 37.5”.


The knee cushion has a "channel" that provides added stability and comfort and can be adjusted also without tools to your preferred height. The Steerable Knee Walker has a 300lb weight bearing capacity, making it a very robust mobility tool.


Deluxe hand operated Dual wheel brake mechanism brakes for immediate stopping ability and the push button brake locks the 8” wheels for parking. 8 inch wheels make it great for handling indoor and outdoor terrain, while the deluxe dual braking system helps maximize safety. The DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker is a simple, durable and comfortable solution for enhanced mobility for those wishing to abandon crutches, suffering from lower leg injuries.



Bed Assist Handle


If we are infirmed by illness or age it can be desirable to have something to grip onto for support when easing down to sit on the bed to prevent pain or avoid the possibility of falling. Likewise, something steady is good to grip when rotating the body when getting out of bed, providing stability if we feel giddy. The Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle provides a safe and secure grip for assistance getting into and out of your home-style bed.


The handle can be placed either side of the bed and its height adjusted to suit the mattress size. The no slip base bar of the Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle simply slides underneath the mattress for added stability. The removable handle is part of an all steel, chrome-plated construction that is strong, solid and easy to clean.


The three pieces of the unit are quick and easily to assemble as it is tool-free, and it also can be adjusted flat for storage and portability. The Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle is also rated at a 250 lb pull capacity.


Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat


As we age or maybe have an injury the toilet bowl can seem to be a long way down to sit and become difficult to raise up from. We need a higher toilet to make life just that little bit easier to manage. Well the Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat accessory is just the thing. The additional height makes lowering to and raising yourself from the toilet easier and safer.


The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat has unique design features, a seat riser made of 2 parts, that are hinged together allowing the elevated toilet seat to be lifted in the same manner as a regular toilet seat. This allows men to still use the standing position when urinating. Also the hinged design of the Elevated Toilet Seat accessory enables a person to easily clean under the elevated toilet seat.


The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat accessory is installed using the existing toilet seat and lid and does not appreciably change the appearance of the toilet. It elevates the seating position by 3 inches (7.5cm) for a total elevation of 4 inches (10cm) above the bowl rim with the regular toilet seat on top. Supports up to 350 lbs (159kg). The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat riser is available in standard and elongated sizes.


Support Equipment


 Our sample range of manual support equipment aids you in your daily non walking mobilty functions. Our range includes a reach tool, rising tools for the carer, leg support equipment, and hand suport tools.


Reach Tool


This 32 inch multi-purpose pick-up and clean-up tool is great for use in the home and around the yard, also providing help for the physically disabled. The Grip'n Grab Reach Tool has a comfortable handle and rubberized jaws that allows for easy retrieval of objects be it high or low, even picking up small objects such as leaves in a pond or fountain.


So reduce hand, arm, back or knee strain when you extend your reach with the Grip'n Grab Reach Tool. A convenient feature is that the head of the sleek profile Grip’n Grab Reach Tool can be rotated up to 90 degrees for even those awkward to get at positions and areas. The maximum recommended lift weight for this reach tool is 5 pounds (2.3kg).


Transfer Belt


The gait or transfer belt is used in Nursing, clinics, hospitals, hospices, and home care. The transfer belt fastens around the waist with a quick release adjustable buckle and provides maximum security when transferring a patient or resident from one point to another. The transfer belt releases from the patient with a push of a button.


The 4" (10cm) high back design and solid construction offers patients maximum comfort during the ambulation or moving process and allows the carer to safely transfer heavier patients more easily, therefore putting less straining on the carers back. By using a transfer belt you are less likely to bruise or in the elderly cause a skin tear.


The 6 horizontal and vertical hand grips help the caregivers to handle the patient in the best orientation by choosing the best leverage point. This reduces the likelihood of back pains for caregivers. You can also transfer patients of all age groups and weight ranges due to this transfer belts' universal sizing ability.


This gait or transfer belt consists of durable high quality super soft nylon, being machine washable. This premium gait transfer belt will offer maximum ease to the attendant and superior comfort to the patient for years. If you manage an health care institution, you can show that you care for your employees by helping to prevent back injuries of caregivers through the use of such a transfer belt.


Ankle Stabilizer


The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the ankle brace of choice for numerous professional and collegiate athletes. This Ankle Stabilizer is also one of the most recommended ankle supports by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. This is one of the leading ankle braces on the market due to its unique combination of comfort, support and durability.


The contoured tongue provides exceptional fit and is constructed of the light-weight yet durable CoolFlex material. This material also lines the inside back of the boot, providing increased comfort to the Achilles area. The boot has an invisible seam to provide superior comfort. The shoe lace is attached to the tongue to ensure that the lace is always centered. Finger loops at the end of the stabilizing straps on the ASO Ankle Stabilizer assist in securing straps for optimum support.


The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is manufactured to high quality standards in the United States of America by Medical Specialties, Inc. Its bilateral design ensures that both right and left feet are accommodated by the one ankle stablizer. Also it will fit any type of shoe with its low profile figure eight stabilizing strap design to protect and support the ankle.


Queens Cutlery


Consisting of a wide range of stainless steel utensils that are mounted into a built-up plastic handle to help those with weak or restricted grip. These items are hygienically sealed and suitable with dishwashers.